Friday, April 30, 2010

Sizzle, Sizzle, Pop!

Did you every have one of those mornings, where you are half awake, half asleep, just poured your first cup of coffee, sun just coming up, beautiful scene and you sit down at your lap top to check the morning mail before you begin your daily routine?   It's a wonderful scene, there is only silence, a bird chirping outside, and  your day begins, with Stumble, Sizzle, a Pop and no laptop.  Yes that is what happened last friday. 

After tripping over slippers that I had tossed off my feet, they ended up being the downfall of my computer.  I tripped with coffee in hand, and a tidal wave of coffee leaped from my cup and landed into my computer.  My beautiful Christmas present some years ago from my wonderful husband who wanted me to have the most updated computer there was so my business efforts of internet selling would be go smoothly. 

Oh, how I enjoy those days!  Not to complain, there is still hope that my data is not all lost.  I will know shortly though.  Until then, my wonderful son has given me his old laptop.  Old meaning, its 4 or 5 years old, not alot of memory, window xp, and suited for his taste, but it works, its alive, and will not be drinking its first cup of coffee anytime soon.  That now stays far away, back where the birds chirp, the sun is coming up, and the smell in the air is of El Salvador coffee, no sizzle, sizzle, pop.

Thought you would enjoy my day.  Love to hear your story, I know I am not alone in computer mishaps.  Lily

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  1. Oh wow! I had a few weeks like that myself! Thank you for sharing as I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had those days... I know just the ones.... think the world is the most beautiful place to be, everything is going superbly (if that's a word, lol) and then WHAM! just like a fly and the flyswatter.

    Oh, I could write a book on the scenarios in my life that seem to happen like that...but I'm trying to forget them! Going on to the "better scenery". I love the birds chirping too...I love your crochet flowers as well! Lots of talent!!! :D

    Here's to hoping your data hasn't been lost forever and you get your "own" computer soon!